Karen Petersen is passionate speaker with over a decade of professional speaking experience. Her talks inspire audiences to live fully and to show up in this world as POWERFUL beings! Authenticity is the heartbeat of Karen's message, and this is something she both lives AND teaches.

She delivers a powerful message with compelling visuals to keep the audience engaged. Her style is unique. Karen utilizes a "we" instead of "you" approach in her talks (speaking with people versus speaking at people).

Karen has extensive experience speaking in conventions, conferences, events and workshops. She has spoken in auditoriums, lecture halls, conference rooms, classrooms, churches, fitness centers, yoga studios, state prison, transitional programs, schools  (elementary, middle, high school, colleges and universities), and various businesses and non-profit organizations.

Whether it's a large audience or a small class, Karen  aims to engage, entertain, motivate and empower every audience member with the willingness to implement what they learn and the inspiration to take action!

No Escape

In this talk, Karen shares a passionate, heartfelt message empowering and encouraging folks to look inside for solutions instead of run away from problems.

This sample video is a consolidated five-minute version of the keynote talk No Escape. This talk is available as a one-hour keynote address, and can be adjusted for more or less time.

Awareness, Acceptance and Action!

This video is a brief sample of Karen's keynote talk Awareness, Acceptance, Action! This message focuses on why we experience self-imposed setbacks whenever we embark on a goal and don't quite get there.

Key points are: learning to live as a warrior AND having flaws, going beyond our comfort zone to discover our greatness, and creating lasting change by practicing awareness, learning acceptance, and taking ACTION!

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