Beautiful flaws

I’m going show you today’s produce haul and then we’re gonna talk about something special.  We’re gonna talk about Us.

But first, food 🙂


I got a great haul of ripe bananas, Florida-grown asparagus, tomatoes, peaches, pears, a variety of zucchini, watermelon, corn, basil, some local raw honey, and beautifully handcrafted blue cheese. Everything except for the blue cheese and honey came from the discount section of the produce market.



I get to save money on buying the discounted produce and I also best tasting items in the store! The bananas at this stage are actually at their peak 🙂 The spots indicate that they are full of antioxidants, and at this stage of ripeness, they are immensely sweet. Perfect for peeling, cutting, and putting in the freezer to make my protein shakes extra delicious! I also love putting chopped frozen bananas in hot oatmeal so that I can take it from the stove top right into a bowl (sometimes it doesn’t even make it  out of the pan).

My blood is in farming. I have a penchant for beautiful, fresh produce. I come from generations of people who have worked the earth and gathered in order to provide for family. It’s in my nature to appreciate beautiful produce! We who grow produce value ANY kind of edible produce – flawed and all. If it’s edible, it’s our next meal!

As a farmer and as an imperfect human, is an inherent part of me to appreciate the beauty in things that are perceptibly flawed. I’m doing the store a favor by taking some of the stuff off their hands for discounted price, and they’re doing me a favor by giving me some beautiful produce at a good price that actually benefits me in a huge way.

At a professional conference I heard a speaker ask the group who had a garden. A bunch of us raised our hands. He then asked if there was something that we picked from the garden that had a physical flaw on it, would we discard it, or would be cut around the flaw and still enjoy the rest of that plant’s goodness? All of the gardeners unanimously agreed that we would cut around the flaw and enjoy the rest. I consider that same approach when I’m buying produce from somebody else’s garden. The food is beautiful as it is, flaws and all. To me, physical flaws tell a story about what caused that “imperfection.”

Let’s find beauty in flaws.

When we accept flaws, we learn to appreciate the beautiful flaws within us. When we can appreciate our own flaws, the flaws of others don’t matter so much 😉

I pride myself on being the dark horse with the bright light…what the eff does that mean?

I am a speaker, author, coach, athlete, and fitness instructor who has scars and marks telling a bit of my history from a lifetime of obesity. Though I am fit, I am still the SAME PERSON.

In the fitness world, there is this prolific, idealized image of perfection. Quite often, the professionals in this business are (ostensibly) the very quintessence of perfect health. They look good. We don’t see any physical flaws.  We certainly don’t see any character flaws. These people do an amazing job of showing up big. That works well for them, and I imagine for their clients as well.

And then, there’s the rest of Us.

The Us, who go about our daily lives, working our jobs, looking forward to whatever reprieve we can find, whatever escape serves us, and whatever we can utilize to keep our sanity intact and our stress levels manageable.

I have a proposal.

How about we focus on health instead of looks? How about we focus on accepting ourselves and decide to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves, instead of compete with ourselves for a certain look, unrealistic expectations, and the constant fixation on an end result without enjoying the process?

Can we love ourselves enough in the present to appreciate the “after” when we’re done?

This isn’t a trick question, my friends. There’s only one answer, and it is yes! So now that you know the answer, are you ready to ask that question of yourself? Are you ready to appreciate and love yourself as you are, without feeling the need to change anything? Can you embrace the concept that accepting yourself as you are right now will help you appreciate what you’ve achieved when you’ve reached your goal?

With the answer of yes, we can all do much together 🙂

With love, always ♥

Your Dark Horse with a Bright Light,
Karen Petersen ♥


Avengers cup, Gryffindor shirt, rainbow bracelet = self love, authentic expression, wholehearted living ♥

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