Smashing Success Stories Episode 02: Getting Started

This is the first episode in which I dive into the heart of the matter – what does it take to create lasting success in our lives? How do we fulfill our purpose? How do we get started?

That’s the trick right there – getting started.

So many of us have great ideas, aspirations, goals and dreams that live in our hearts and shy away in the light. We dream at night (so to speak) and go about our day, wondering when we’ll get what we want. How do we make it happen?

In this episode of Smashing Success Stories, I dive into the process of getting started, and give some action steps to get us moving in the right direction toward our goals ♥

Also, I discuss a bit of my process in the episode, and I’ll elaborate here:
I’m a HUGE fan of the brainstorm to mind map technique. I start with a Sharpie marker and my HUGE sticky notepads, and then I set a timer for 10 minutes. Once I hit start, I jot down anything and everything that comes into my mind related to the topic I’m going to discuss. There doesn’t have to be any rhythm or rhyme to it, I just put down thoughts and ideas. Then, after the ten minute alarm goes off, I walk away for five minutes and pray and meditate to clear my mind. Once I come back to my notes, I start combining thoughts and ideas into like categories, putting common ideas together. From there, I develop a mind map, which is like a road map leading me in the direction of articulating the main point of the talk I’m giving.

This is the same technique I’ve used when writing my books, and it’s effective for me!

Here is my brainstorm for this topic, and a picture of me after I finished recording this episode in one shot:

This is me, after several attempts, just doing it when the opportunity presented itself (AKA when I made a pocket of time clear up in my busy schedule). Notice no fronts here. I’m showing up as I am. Though I prefer speaking in a suit, I’m fine to just be authentic in appearance. The message is what matters the most. My message is about doing the best with what we have, and in all things, be AUTHENTIC!

A better shot of my notes.

The show page on iTunes is here, and this episode can also be accessed directly below!


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