Smashing Success Stories Episode 03: Donna Oklok sustains 100+ pound weight loss

In this episode, we get to hear from my dear friend Donna Oklak!

Donna has lost over 100 pounds and here’s what really sets her apart – she has kept it off for nearly ten years!

Donna shares with us the important reasons why we embarked on this journey, and how she keeps going. She gives great insight on overcoming negative self-talk, how to ride through life’s lows AND highs, how to stop ourselves when we’re acting out in self-sabotage (like when we’re “face-down in a sushi boat” 😊), what TRUE friendship is, and what it means to live in alignment.

As we discover from Donna’s story, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just balanced nutrition and exercise. The key is changing our LIVES, over TIME, gradually and implementing things one at a time. She shares some amazing strategies for living a healthy life in mind, body and spirit, and she also discusses the importance of living authentically.

Things get amazingly special toward the end of the interview when Donna shares insight about various tenets and principles that keep her mind strong and her soul joyful. Also, I’m woman enough to admit this – Donna has the BEST SUPERPOWER EVER!!!

Yamas and Niyamas
Yoga sutras
An incredibly inspiring post on Donna’s Sparkpeople blog


Here is the episode!

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