I am a millionaire!

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is taken over by temporary defeat.
– Napoleon Hill

Every one of us is capable of achieving massive success in whatever we want. We all have the ability to set goals, establish a focused and deliberate mindset, learn the skills and develop the habits necessary to SMASH our goals!

So what holds us back?

We’re human and we experience debilitating emotions when we want something and we don’t get it when we want it. We’re born curious and ready for anything, but over time we get bumps and bruises, and we learn that life hurts. We lose that amazing zest and drive that we once had. Self-doubt and fear can cripple us.

However, we RISE.

Anyone who has ever done something great has shared that the road to success was paved with failure. We typically aren’t great at everything right away, and to be completely frank, the folks who are born talented get surpassed by folks that work incredibly hard and have unwavering desire to be the best.

If we constantly listen to the negative voices in our heads, then we’d never get anything done! We would just continue on, heeding that voice of fear, caution and doubt. We would go on living a life of regret instead of a life full of experiences and colorful stories detailing our setbacks and our victories.

There is not one single element in our bodies that is different from the elements that make up the people we look up to and admire so reverentially. We are exactly the SAME.

I’m reminded of a story of a man who purchased a plot of land, and was later approached by oil prospectors. He was asked if his land could be surveyed to see if it was likely to be rich in oil. He was initially a bit hesitant, but he gave consent.

The land was indeed VERY valuable, and he became a millionaire from the sale of the oil drilled on his land.

This point here is that this man was a millionaire before the drills showed up. He was a millionaire before the oil company even began the conversation of mining on his land. He was a millionaire because that incredibly valuable oil was already in the land before it was drawn out.

So many of us give up when the going gets tough. We put in some effort and we stop when it gets hard. However, it’s that one extra step, those three extra feet of digging, those extra bench presses in the gym, and that final push at the finish line that sets champions apart from the folks that give up.

We don’t need anything outside of ourselves to validate our worthiness. When we take a moment and listen to our hearts and trust our intuition, we realize that YES, we really can do ANYTHING.

It’s not just hard work that will get us there. It’s a combination of faith, courage, focus, determination and perseverance that will ultimately take us where we want to go!

We are already wealthy because we are miracles. The odds of us being alive would take longer to calculate than the age of the known universe. Right now, we are doing something that no one before us has ever done – we are living in THIS present moment! No one has ever done it before us, and no one will ever do it again.

Whenever we feel down and discouraged, let’s be reminded that strength is built in both hard times as well as the recovery process. We aren’t meant to just grind it out until we die. No, we must get adequate rest before we keep going at it. Resisting rest is like resisting a fall (stick with me on this on!) – if we try too hard to fight a fall, we may compromise the positioning of our leg and end up breaking the leg. If we just let ourselves fall, we get get up, all bones intact. I learned this lesson in a desperate attempt to avoid falling. When I knew I was going down, I twisted my leg under by body and ended up breaking the leg. Without resistance, I would have recovered from the fall in seconds. But because I fought it, it took 6 weeks for me to start walking again.

If we allow ourselves much-needed rest from working so hard, we stop resisting the required rejuvenation that recharges us.

I am a millionaire because I was born under incredibly difficult circumstances. I am a millionaire not because success was given to me – it’s because I work my ass off for everything that I have. I am a millionaire because I have the same exact odds of success as everyone before me, and I have access to the same books, people, and resources that they had. I am a millionaire because I recognize the riches I already have in my life, the miracle of my existence, and the infinite opportunities ahead of me. I am a millionaire because I can adapt; funds may run dry from time to time, but my tenacity, determination and passion remain. And that’s all I need to stake my claim.

So, how about you? Are you ready to be rich?

Are you ready to claim your greatness now?

Do you see how amazing you already are?

Will you allow abundance, love, and prosperity to flow toward you in this moment?

If you answered yes, then I’ll see you on the road, dear one ♥

Wishing you the very best this life has to offer,
Karen 🙂

(P.S. the quote at the very beginning of this post is from Napoleon Hill’s incredible and timeless book Think and Grow Rich. It’s the first line in an amazing story called Three Feet From Gold. I highly recommend it – it’s a story about two men who quit when they thought they failed. It has a wonderful ending, and a profound lesson. Never give up ♥)

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