Inch by Inch…the little things add up!

Anyone who has ever had a leaking faucet, a crack in a mug or a gap in a wall can totally understand the huge impact of small, persistent action.

A tiny drip, over time, can flood an entire house. We have that same power – when we take small, consistent action over time, we’ll experience HUGE results!

Life is overwhelming. We live in a culture where we are inundated with decisions, advertisements, temptations, and all kinds of obligations. Our waistlines expand, and yet we’re stretched out so thin. It seems like we may never get ahead, or even catch up!

We will. Take a few deep breaths. Pause. Just take a moment to be fully present; not regretting the past, or fretting the future, but just be right here, right now.

That’s how true, lasting change happens – we get in the moment, here and now. Not by saying, “I’ll start on Monday”, and not by delaying things any further.

My story may be about losing weight, but in essence, it’s truly about losing the wait.

Success is about more than just one ostensible thing; it’s about setting up an entire system of things that work together to have lasting, positive impact on our lives.

It’s so easy to get caught up in getting exactly what we want, and getting it right NOW. It’s so easy to get beat down, discouraged, and have the wind knocked out of us when things don’t go our way. However, every one of these experiences readies us for the next, and the next experience prepares us for the one after that one, and so on. It’s an ongoing, progressive continuum with no true end. We just continue to evolve and move forward.

Winning is DOING. Winning is getting up with each fall. Winning is continuing on after experiencing failure, and trying again and again.

Talent only goes so far. Persistence is the key to winning in the long run.


When we feel like we aren’t doing enough, or when we get wrapped up in our own shit, let’s remind ourselves how far we’ve come. Instead of focus on the road ahead, let’s just take a look at one step we can take to move forward.

That’s all it is. One step at a time. With consistent action, those little things add up.

Life’s not about how quickly we can get to our goal, it’s about staying focused and dedicated on that goal and continuing onward, NO MATTER WHAT.

Our biggest obstacles are the ones in our minds. By staying present, we can get out of the anxiety of the future and the regrets of the past.

The little things add up.


Ants are amazing. Talk about the power of the little things adding up!




This is an incredible excavation of an ant hill – which is actually a city!

It may not seem like much while we’re doing it, but as long as we are DOING it, we’re moving forward.

Some of us want to reduce stress. Many of us want to bring our fitness to the next level. Most of us are weight conscious.

Whatever it is we’re aspiring to do, we’ll get there as long as we practice simple things, one at a time, and do them consistently.


Stay present.

Acknowledge how far we’ve come.

Take one step forward.

My very best to you on your journey, and let’s continue forward by practicing patience and relentless persistence ♥

– Smash

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