Pain in the action!

Why do we complicate our lives so much?

We crave ease, comfort, and lovely things, and yet we put ourselves through the ringer. Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever stayed with someone who was just NO good for you? Have you ever stayed in a job you HATED? Have you ever eaten something excessively and immediately think “dammit, why did I do that AGAIN?!”

We’re human. We’re bound to mess up. The more we try to fight our flaws instead of accept them, the less likely we’ll be able to change.

We love the idea of taking action. “Oh look, a goal! Imma SMASH that mofo!” Right? Hoo yeah, buddy. We embark on that goal with passion and reckless abandon…then we slip up, give up, and go back to where we were, or worse, regress further back than where we started. It happens.

It’s all part of that process.

What do we do?

I’ve been talking about awareness and acceptance, because those are the tried and true, proven prerequisites for action.

Sometimes action is something as simple as looking in the mirror and saying, “I believe I can do this.” Or a personal favorite, “I AM THE ONE.” We CAN do it! Sometimes we have to ask for a little boost from our friends – I know I sure have had to do this lately – but it’s ultimately up to us to do something about it. If we just talk about it, we’re really just trying to convince ourselves. We owe it to our supportive friends, to ourselves, and to the folks we want to empower to DO something.

Whatever it is, you have a gift. You have a purpose. There’s only ONE of YOU! There may be folks that look like you, or have some talents and skills that you do, but there’s only one you!

Hang in there. You can do it. Whatever it is – reduce stress, get more energy, learn how to do yogalose weight, work a program of drug and/or alcohol recovery, or whatever else you’re working with – the approach and method is the same.

Awareness, acceptance, and action.


When I first started working with my life coach, she shared with me an experience she had with one of her clients. Interestingly enough, when I asked about him later on in a session 15 months from when she first told me about the client, he called her back and asked the same question. This dude asked her, “what are you going to do to make me do it?”

She said, “make you do it? I’m not your mother!”

What compels us to take action is when we’ve had enough. It happens when our give-a-damn is broken.


Then we discover there’s a place for all that shit we’re hanging onto.


Wow, I was wondering where to put those!

Ready to let it go? Ready to change some behaviors?

What do you want to release? Are you even aware of it, or are you escaping and avoiding it?

Whatever it is, it’s okay. The worry of change will be less spooky when the pain of staying is too great. So, whatever that deep, dark thing is, you’ll get to dealing with it when life gives you the opportunity to do so.

I wish I could say there’s a quick and easy solution, and that the results will be immediate. However, that would be a lie, and I like to think I have some integrity. So, I’m not going to be the one that blows smoke up your bum to make you feel better.

Sorry…not sorry.



My day has been vastly improved by this Skeletor image that popped up when I Googled “shakes fist”

Hey, it’s the little things ♥

Take some time today and just be aware of that thing that you do that, right now, you don’t like. Think of what exactly you’re trying to numb. Realize that you can’t change what has happened, and you aren’t responsible for your first thought and inclination. It’s okay.

Just be aware, and it’ll be okay. It will. I promise. I’m telling you this as a fellow survivor, thriver, dreamer and self-saboteur.

Big hugs and much love ♥
– K

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