Powerplay mindset

“I failed.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“There’s no way I’ll ever be able to finish this.”
“How will I recover from this?”
“I’m no good at this, I’m giving up.”
“This is too hard.”
“I wish I could stop doing that!”

Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever said any (or all) of these things?

Guess what – these are the feelings and sentiments of some of the most successful people in history.


Successful people aren’t all born that way. Success isn’t given, and it’s certainly not easy to come by.

No, success is earned by those who work hard for it, who get up every time they fall, make mistakes, and experience setbacks and heartbreaks. They try, they fail, and they get right back up and try again.

People who have natural talent tend to get surpassed by those who have something more powerful – true grit, passion, hustle, an amazing and relentless work ethic, and the desire to grow.

“The naturals, carried away with their superiority, don’t learn how to work hard or how to cope with setbacks.” – Carol Dweck

Yes, life is hard.


Sometimes, life can kick us down so hard that it may feel like we’ll NEVER get back up.

princessbride_themachineLife can really suck sometimes. Like…REALLY suck the life out of us.

When it gets that tough, when it seems like all is lost and our hearts are broken and there’s no way we’ll get back up again, along comes the miracle of support. Our tribe comes to our rescue!

pbd127It may take a miracle, which is why it’s important to be proactive and actually give a hoot about people, be a decent person, and surround ourselves with people who want to do great things in this world ♥


It comes back around.

With a little help from our friends, we find that we do have the strength to stand again after all.


Then, we live to fight another day!


AND THEN!! The best part!Westley-Buttercup-in-The-Princess-Bride-movie-couples-19611184-1280-720


We get our happy ending ♥

Look, it’s not easy. Anything worth having will not come easily. No great story is without major struggle. People with loads of scars have the best stories, and those who have struggled a LOT are the ones that give the best counsel.

Failure tends to precede success.

So, whatever the current struggle is, let’s just accept that it’s all part of the journey. Where we are today is but a piece of the puzzle, a brick in the road, a branch on the path. There’s so much more going on than just that struggle. There are forces pulling us in another direction – toward our greatness!

We will get there. We CAN progress. We have everything that we need to get us where we need to go – the will, the heart, the passion and the vision to do it and to see it through.

When we have our WHY, we can deal with any HOW.

I know how hard it is to recover from a setback. I’ve failed many times. I know what giving up feels like…but then I find myself still trying, still believing that things will get better. Just when I feel like I’ve lost it all and that I should stop trying, something happens. Someone comes along to offer support, encouragement, opportunities, and the gifts of empathy and compassion. Just when I feel like I should stop, I get feedback from someone or a random call or message about how helpful my work is.

Just when I feel like I have nothing left, I feel inspired to write again, and to reach out to people.

My friend, it’s truly not over unless we shut our eyes, totally withdraw, and isolate ourselves from everyone and everything. When we allow ourselves to be seenwhen we accept that we have flaws, and when we open up about our challenges, it’s AMAZING what happens when we lean into the discomfort of vulnerability and experience it instead of trying to escape it or “feel better”.

Strength comes to us from the people we have empowered. The good we put out comes right back to us.

This sounds good and dandy, right? It’s uncommon “common sense”. We’re self-involved and self-centered beings. We want and want and want…and yet how much are we actually giving?

Are we set on old ways of thinking, or are we receptive to growth? Do we have the courage to self-analyze and hold ourselves accountable for the things going on in our lives?

research-on-success-grit-growth-mindset-and-the-marshmallow-test-5-638We never get better if we keep doing the same thing, and especially if we still think the same way.

Carol Dweck, Stephen Covey and Napoleon Hill (and MANY others) discuss the characteristics of successful people. It has nothing to do with what’s going on externally.

It’s all about how receptive we are to growth.


Every single one of us has the potential to do something great with our lives, and yet we get fixated on what’s happening on the surface. So much happens underneath and inside. We must root to rise. We must strive in darkness and struggle to learn how to stand tall, ready to face the next challenge.

When life gets tough, let’s roll up our sleeves, rub our hands together, and tell ourselves that we’ve got this. Let’s show up and tell life that we’re ready and willing to face the next challenge, knowing that it will give us priceless skills and abilities.

Let’s raise our heads, roll our shoulders back and press our chest out to show our strength.

Most of all, let’s press on ♥

Keep it up, you powerhouse, you!
– K

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