The Cracks Let The Light In



We don’t transcend our flaws, but we can transcend how we think about them. Instead of label our flaws as “bad” and judge ourselves, we can see them as opportunities.

How so?

Human beings, by our nature, are flawed. We make lots of mistakes – mistakes are an amazing way to learn. If we don’t make mistakes, we’d never grow. However, if we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, we’re bound to continue to repeat the same behavior until we FINALLY learn our lesson.

There’s a big elephant in the room that very few people will talk about, and that is WHY we do the things we do. We know what we “should” be doing and all the ways (“how”) to do them, but until we have a compelling why, our impetus won’t become a habit. Our why helps us transition from doing difficult things by sheer willpower, and turns those actions into habits.

It doesn’t ever get easier. We just get better.

Several of my clients have been reaching out to me, asking for insight on how to get rid of some things from their lives and their bodies. I asked them this question – are you attached to a particular outcome? Do you believe that your happiness rests upon a number on a scale, a size, or a partner? Do you believe that happiness is wholly reliant on something outside of yourself?

These questions throw them off, because so many images and messages thrown in our faces and shoved into our brains are antithetical to internal happiness. We are inundated by advertising and the subterfuge portrayed by the external “success” of others. People absolutely revere television personalities, and yet fail to look deeper and see how much these people are hurting, and how exhausting it is to put up a façade.

But no, we don’t want to focus on that. Instead, we want to focus on the clothes, the cars, the houses, the ripped abs, and the other bullshit that so many cling to, believing the delusion that life is all about “stuff”.

Life is about LIVING. It’s about living with ourselves, in this world, with so many impermanent, ever-changing factors. Life is about learning to accept things as-is, especially ourselves. We don’t have to be well-liked or popular, and we certainly don’t all have to be beauty queens or macho men. Our only obligation is to be our authentic, unique selves.

The opinions of others are vast and conflicting. What one person deems worthy, another will admonish. It doesn’t matter how other people think we should be and how we should live our lives. What matters is that we’re living our Truth, that we’re living in alignment with our beliefs, words and actions. This isn’t a perfect process; it’s an evolution. We progress, and sometimes that means we experience setbacks. It’s all part of our personal development.

Our mistakes make us human, and our flaws give us character. Let’s take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come in our lives, and look toward the future with hope and faith. Let’s see our past as an education, and not as weight dragging us down. Let’s learn from our mistakes and embrace our flaws, instead of beat ourselves up for messing up and resenting our imperfections.

Once we learn to judge ourselves less and accept ourselves more, we find that the world will do the same in kind. How we treat ourselves will impact how we allow others to treat us. Let’s be kind to ourselves, and by doing so, we’ll discover there’s kindness in this world because we’ve finally opened our hearts and minds to it ♥

All my best,
– K ♥

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